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As the whole BRIXIA range, GOLEM MTB frameset was born from desire to link cycling passion with the territory in which all BRIXIA staff was born and has been living. BRIXIA is not only road. It also means off-road because Brescia area has a huge offer for the bikers who want to have fan with their 2-wheels.
Mt.Gugliemo (pronounced “Golem” in the local dialect) rises in Brescia province and it is considered the “Mountain of the Brescia people”. Many bikers every day go there up along its slopes and it’s right here that Golem frameset designer was inspired. Our team of designers did an excellent job with Golem. They were just able to link tradition and novelty, in terms of both shapes and paint-scheme look in which is always included the BRIXIA hipster flag.

Brixia Golem


    Wheel size:
    1-1/8” * 1-1/2”
    up tp 28”
    Front Mech:
    Disc Brake
    Bottom Bracket:


    • Available in three sizes: S M L
    • “Dual fit” geometry (unisex frame shape design)
    • Carbon fiber front fork
    • Disc Brake system
    • Ebikemotion system technology
    • Three drive modes
    • Full set up for a smooth and safe bike commuting (front and rear light, kickstand, rear rack, mudguard)


    Toray has developed a new matrix resin technology which uses nano-alloy-based technology to achieve both tensile strength and compressive strength, and combines TORAYCA® T1100G with its matrix resin technology. This generates prepreg materials that can meet the levels of performance required by structural members in the aerospace industry, and also by high-end sporting

    In order to make the best out from the carbon fibres in terms of mechanical performance, the moulding process has to be very accurate: the carbon layers have to be properly oriented and then compacted in order to create a solid laminate with no molecular porosity and no heterogeneity. How we could achieve that goal? The EPS technology (Expandable Polystyrene Shell) makes it possible: during the “Cure Process” (this is when the resine dries and the laminate gets solid thanks to pressure&temperature) the orientation of the carbon weft doesn’t change its original structure and the result is an excellent internal finishing of the carbon tube and above all a better quality of the frameset in terms of performance and lightness.
    To compress the carbon against the inside of the mold, we use EPS (Ex- pandable PolyStyrene) sections. These sections are molded to represent the exact shape of the inside of the frame and fork. Then they are wrapped with sheets of prepregs and placed inside the mold. When the mold is heated, the EPS expands and presses the carbon sheets against the mold, creating a smooth and voidless wall. This ensures the best pos- sible construction in terms of weight, stiffness and strength.

    Monolith molding is proprietary method of molding a frame in one session....true monocoque! Usually a frame is divided into a few main sections (like front triangle, seperate seat and chain stays) which are bonded together after molding. With True Monocoque, the entire frame is molded as a one-piece product. This allows carbon sheets to run across the ‘clas- sic’ transitions without interrup- tion. These critical transitions are now optimized for stiffness and strength, without the pen- alty of extra weight.

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