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Bit Bikes Engineering srl is an asset of a big industrial group called Agosti Group. The management of the whole group has been constantly keeping smartly investing since it was born in 1963 in different industries which is actually the real key of the succesful strategy.

It was the end of 2018 when Ramon Agosti had the idea to invest in the bicycle industry. As a true passionate sportsman and young visionary entrepreneur, Ramon made a call to Luciano Bracchi (former Carrera bikes Product Manager), Marco Compagnoni (former Carrera bikes Sales Manager) and Andrea Invernizzi (former Deda Elementi Engineer). All together, they gave birth to Bit Bikes Engineering s.r.l. on December 2018 and they all officially started what they consider as a true exciting challenge with the success written in its DNA.

The purpose of the startup was to do business with the bicycles and electric bicycles branded as BRIXIA bikes but later, the smart management led the team to the acquisition of a well-known cycling brand, KRU Cycling, as a parallel business generated primarily by BRIXIA bikes.

Our Vision

Human-powered vehicles might fully replace motor vehicles

"In the not too distant future, the number of human-powered vehicles as well as the vehicles powered with renewable energy sources might fully replace the motor vehicles.

We are working on being ready to provide the best ride experience ever to a large number of people.
I consider this as my small contribution to my land first, Franciacorta, and then to the whole Planet"

Ramon Agosti - CEO

Our Mission

Lt's talk the same bike language

There is a common ground between the sport and commuter bicycles users.
Apparently two different worlds, but actually just one way of life. 

Or Mission is to find that place where the users sit down and talk the same bike language.


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